“Loving yourself is the greatest revolution.”

Everyone has a specific way that they view themselves. It could be in a positive light or a negative way. 

In a world comprised of technology and modern ideas, we are all worried about the way we look or how we are seen to others. It becomes a very important and trivial part of our lives. 

We may start having unrealistic expectations of how we should feel or how our bodies should look. We end up obsessing over it while making it a priority and try to always change something about ourselves as we never feel satisfied with the way we are. 

Our bodies start to get compared to models or people who are completely different from the way we may be. They may have very different lifestyles and habits as compared to one specific individual. 

Being surrounded by people who make us feel inferior or act and look completely different from the way we are, is also a huge factor which plays a major role in shaping the way we feel about ourselves.

I personally think that embracing the way our bodies look is something that can only work for us when we really start to feel good about ourselves in every way. Inside and out with no exceptions. Learning how to love ourselves is one of the biggest challenges that tons of people face.

Things that other people may say has a very deep effect on how we choose to see ourselves and the way we shape our mindset. 

Everybody is different. Every individual is important. Some people in a group may find someone attractive while the other half of the group may not. It all depends on their personality, perspective and the way they look at things. 

We should try our best to focus on ourselves as people will always talk and have something to say about everything. That isn’t exactly an issue we can change overnight. What we can always do is make sure that we stand up for who we are while trying to love ourselves and the person that we are day by day, while taking one step at a time. It doesn’t happen within a second or two. A lot of time and effort is needed to grow and reach a place in our minds that we all feel comfortable in. It’s something that many people struggle from every single day. 

Society plays a huge role in how people see themselves. There are various different social or cultural boundaries which could be a factor in the way a person thinks or judges another person.

Many people tend to base their decisions on what the world thinks of them and honestly, most of the time what the world thinks isn’t necessarily really true. 

Doing little things that make us feel happy can really lift our spirits up and bring out a completely different, healthier version of ourselves that we probably never even knew existed. That’s the beauty of self love and putting in effort to care about ourselves. As long as we work hard and do what we need to in order to make ourselves feel better, what anyone else has to say will ultimately not even matter after a point. 

People will always point out flaws and not appreciate us the way we should be appreciated but the way we choose to take the negativity we get and what we do with it is completely in our hands. We control our lives. It’s upto us to live our lives to the fullest whichever way we choose to. We’re the only ones who are allowed to decide how we can feel and what makes us happy.

Many people suffer from eating disorders, anorexia and tons of different problems because of the way they feel every time they look at themselves. People stop interacting, and end up changing a lot in order to want to feel beautiful and appreciated by other people at times. 

According to different sources and research there is a higher percentage of girls compared to boys who struggle with weight and their appearance along with negative health.

A common way of usually handling this would be to do things in a healthy way whether it’s eating healthy, exercising or adopting a healthy lifestyle in general. 

Making sure you’re hydrated at all times with a nice glass of water is a great way to start. It’s simple but very essential.

This is always the best way to start off in a positive, life changing direction which can help people increase their self esteem and happiness.

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